We’re a group of scientists, engineers, developers, and strategic thinkers who have built a business to enable a world with autonomous driving.

Our Expertise

Radar System Design
  • Systems engineering
  • Performance analysis
  • Circuit board design
  • System assembly
  • Field testing and operation
  • Antenna design
  • RF/microwave design
Data Analysis & Processing
  • High-quality image formation
  • Coherent change detection
  • Magnitude change detection
  • Target detection
  • Data flow and organization
  • Algorithm development & implementation
  • Clutter removal
  • CFAR
  • Geo-rectification
  • RFI filtering
Software Tool Development
  • Data Acquisition Real-time signal processing and data dissemination
  • GPU Development - GPU software development for time-critical applications
  • Graphical User Interfaces - Intuitive interfaces to support radar data collection and analysis