VELDAR Partners with LG Innotek in 4D Imaging Radar for Mass-Market Manufacturing

July 18, 2023

VELDAR Partners with LG Innotek in 4D Imaging Radar for Mass-Market Manufacturing

VELDAR LLC, a small-business innovator in digital imaging radar technologies, today announced that VELDAR and LG Innotek (LGIT) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The intent of the agreement is to establish LGIT’s ability to develop a production-ready 4D radar module evolved from VELDAR’s current-generation ViSight Auto radar. This non-exclusive agreement brings together VELDAR’s radar system design expertise and LGIT’s extensive automotive parts manufacturing resources along with their advanced signal processing and antenna design capabilities.

“As a leading manufacturer of automotive components, we are excited to expand our product line by partnering with VELDAR to provide imaging radar modules for next generation automotive applications. These applications require advanced sensing capabilities and have demanding safety standards,” says LGIT’s project manager, Chisang You. “Our collaboration with VELDAR allows us to deliver industry-leading imaging radar solutions to the rapidly growing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle markets. These solutions have the performance required to improve vehicle safety while also delivering high reliability. This strategic development agreement is a significant step in our mission to provide the best available performance and safety to the automotive industry.”

VELDAR’s software-defined 4D imaging radar technology provides high resolution and exceptionally precise radar point cloud data to support advanced perception applications, with unrivaled performance in all weather and lighting conditions. “Collaboration with LGIT will enable us to drive down the manufacturing cost of VELDAR’s ViSight Auto radar, and to be competitive in price-sensitive automotive markets,” says VELDAR’s CEO, Arlen Schmidt. “Working with the LGIT radar team, with their advanced antenna design capabilities and super-resolution processing tools, will enable us to maintain ViSight Auto’s industry leading performance in this rapidly developing market.”

As part of this non-exclusive agreement, LGIT and VELDAR are executing a joint development project with completion planned for 2025.